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About Us

The Child Rights Centre (CRC) of the Chanakya National Law University, Patna seeks to collaborate with UNICEF in facilitating, galvanizing and collaborating for a sustained dialogue, interaction sensitization of Legislators on child rights issues. The Child Rights Centre is proposed to be a specialized research centre of the Chanakya National Law University, Patna to be run in assistance with the UNICEF.


The Centre’s mission is to engage with child rights from multidisciplinary perspective and to provide integrated technical support to different layers of institutional governance in local, state and national level for the protection of child rights through Knowledge Management, Human Resource Development and System Strengthening. To this end, the Centre seeks to facilitate research support and logistical back-up to the statutory processes concerning protection of children and provide complementary support to different stakeholders involved in the child rights paradigm. In addition, it seeks to aid institutionalization of best practices through research, collaborations, training, review, policy suggestions, field research, improving thereby, and access to justice for children and promoting research, advanced learning and advocacy and community action to strengthen child rights laws, policies and practices in Bihar and India.


The objective of the Child Rights Centre is to engage with Child Rights from multidisciplinary perspective, and among other things, to lobby with state and civil society to enable realization of child rights provided for under progressive laws in India and to contribute to policy, law and practice that will enable compliance with the constitution, CRC, SDGs and other normative frameworks.

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