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“URJAA” - “Unlock Your Creativity, Utilize Your Potential”: Submit by 15th August, 11:59PM,Extended!

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

About the Event


“URJAA”- “Unlock Your Creativity, Utilize Your Potential” is the national level dedicated competition of Child Rights Centre to overcome boredom, to brush up all the hidden talents, and to deviate the innate energy in the best positive direction, fulfilling its forever commitment towards the welfare and growth of children.


Article Writing
  • Covid-19 and its effect on Women and Children.


  • COVID and Women and Child Protection (safeguard measures against an increase in violence and exploitation).

  • COVID and Education System (Online Medium and Management Practice during virtual closure).

  • COVID and Healthcare System ( Psychological, Physiological and mental health of women and child).

  • COVID and Cyber Security (Online Classes as new normal, child abuse over the internet).

Essay Writing
  • Impacts of Lockdown and COVID-19.

Story Writing
  • Life during lockdown

  • Effects of COVID-19

  • Any other themes having a strong nexus with COVID-19.

Poetry Writing
  • Life during lockdown,

  • Effects of COVID-19,

  • Any other theme having a strong nexus with COVID-19.

Drawing and Painting
  • Any piece of art related to the present pandemic ‘COVID-19 and its Effect’ will be accepted. However, artworks regarding ‘COVID’s effect on Women and Children will be given preference for rewards.


  • Article Writing: Academicians (Bachelor and Master)/researcher/experts of any Stream.

  • Essay Writing: Students up to standard 12th (intermediate) can take part.

  • Story Writing: Open to all.

  • Poetry Writing: Open to all.

Drawing and Painting:

  • Age Group A- 6-10 Years

  • Age Group B- 11-16 Years

  • Age Group C- 17-24 Years

Registration Fees

  • Article Competition: Rs. 200/- for single author and Rs. 300/- for co-author (maximum of two co-authors are allowed).

  • Essay Writing: Rs. 100/- per participant.

  • Story Writing: Rs. 200/- per participant.

  • Poetry: Rs. 200/- per participant.

  • Drawing: Rs.100 /- for any participant.

Payment Details

  • G-pay/Paytm: 9692468290

Bank Account Details

  • Account Number: 50100149700976

  • Account Holder Name: SNEHA

  • IFSC Code: HDFC0000235


Note: Participants are requested to attach the screenshot of the payment details in the registration form.


Interested candidates can register for an event here.


  • Font: Times New Roman, Font Size: 12, Line Spacing: 1.5, Alignment: Justified, Margin: 1 inch, Citation: Bluebook 20th edition.

  • Kindly mention the category followed by YourName separated by underscore (_) as the subject of the mail while making the submission.

  • Plagiarism for Article/Essay writing should not be more than 15% in any case.

  • Word limit Article/Essay/Story Writing is 1000 words (all excluding footnotes).

  • Participants are requested to register separately for separate categories.


Participants are requested to submit their works in .doc/docx format via mail at mentioning the concerned category followed by Name & separated by (_) as the subject of the mail.


The last date for registrations is 10th August 2020.


E-certificates to all the participants.

Cash Prizes to the top three participants of all the events with a Certificate of Appreciation.

  • Article Competition: Rs. 1,000/-, Rs. 750/- and Rs. 500/- rupees to top three participants respectively.

  • Essay Writing: Rs. 750/-, Rs. 650/- and Rs. 500/- to all the top three participants respectively.

  • Story Writing: Rs. 1,000/-, Rs. 750/- and Rs. 500/- rupees to top three participants respectively.

  • Poetry: Rs. 1,000/-, Rs. 750/- and Rs. 500/- rupees to top three participants respectively.

  • Drawing: Rs. 1000/-, Rs. 750/- and Rs. 500/- to all the top three participants of Group A, B, and C respectively.

Selected works will also be published in CRC’s Newsletter, Social Media handlers, and official blog.


  • Mr. Ayush, Public Relation Coordinator: +917480830235

  • Ms. Srishti Sarraf , Coordinator: +918294787998. (WhatsApp Only)

  • Email Id: (Kindly mention ‘Query’ as the subject of the mail)

Brochure is here.

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